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The Importance of Filtration for Axolotl Tanks May 31, 2016

If you’re willing to change the water of your axolotl tank frequently, around 20% of water every week the, you don’t need filtration. Obviously, axolotl owners use water filter to keep their axolotl tank clean and conducive for the axolotl to live. In this entry, we will talk more of how axolotls excrete their waste…

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The Unfortunate Truth of Mexican Axolotls Population in the Wild May 16, 2016

Mexican Axolotls are called the ‘Peter Pan’ in animal kingdom because of their unique characteristic of keeping its juvenile/larval form even when reaching sexual maturity. Also, unlike other salamanders that dwell on land when reaching their adult stage, axolotls spend their whole life underwater. And like other salamanders, they have the cell regeneration property, which…

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Axolotls Four Method of Breathing May 2, 2016

Axolotl is one of the most unique animals you can find in the planet. They keep their larval state even when they reach adulthood and become sexually mature. Scientists call form of adaptation ‘neoteny’, which many refer as a backward step in evolution, as it keeps the specie from metamorphosis and not develop any characteristics…

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