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Axolotl Care Sheet April 5, 2016

Axolotls go by different names. They have been named water dogs or water dolls, to name a few. They have unique requirements because even though it is a type of salamander, they spend most of their lives living in water and never on land. To ensure they grow as healthy amphibians, you should take note…

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Guide to Axolotl Habitat March 28, 2016

This amphibious species originated in the lakes of Mexico City. However, they are currently being bred in various parts of the world or wherever they are available. One of the most important aspects of caring for and breeding axolotls is the living condition. They require a strict set of requirements to ensure that the axolotls…

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Axolotl Regeneration March 22, 2016

In April of 2011, the research of Ryan Kerney from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, set a buzz in the scientific community with a study that feature the unique and interesting relationship between algae and salamanders. His research showed that tissues of spotted salamander contain algae. The purpose behind this relationship is yet to be known,…

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Axolotl Lifespan March 14, 2016

Whether you are new to breeding axolotls or not, understanding its natural life span will provide a better knowledge on how to give them care. Pet Road Test: Axolotl Axolotl is a type of salamander that originated from Mexico, particularly the lakes of Mexico. Hence, this is a unique characteristic from other species of salamander…

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Axolotl Diet March 8, 2016

Axolotls have specific requirements when it comes to their living conditions. But in terms of their dietary needs, you must also pay close attention to ensure that axolotls get properly nourished. If you are new to breeding axolotls, one of the first questions you will be faced with is this: “What do I feed axolotls?”…

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Guide to Caring for Axolotls February 29, 2016

Axolotls require proper care to help them grow healthy. If you want to raise them but are new to caring for axolotls, it is important to keep yourself educated. Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) Axolotls are a type of salamander that is native to Mexico. They spend all of their life in the water and never step…

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Axolotl Tanks: How to Properly Maintain Them February 23, 2016

Giving proper care for axolotls is crucial to retain their health and well-being. One of the most important factors to look into when it comes to caring for axolotls is the condition of their tanks. Like humans, they need proper living conditions to sustain their health and well-being. Water quality is one of the primary…

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Axolotl Pet Care February 16, 2016

Axolotl is one of the most unique pets you can own. This aquatic salamander is native to Mexico and related to tiger salamanders, but in a tank environment. What makes it different from other salamanders is that, it remains in larva stage, which means they live in the water, making them an attractive and unique…

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Axolotl Health Care 101 February 11, 2016

Are you planning to make axolotls as a pet? You need to know the proper way to care for it and potential hazards to its health. Learn about the potential health risks and how you can avoid them. Introduction Axolotl, which is also known as the Mexican salamander, is an amphibious creature that is related…

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Caring for Baby Axolotls February 10, 2016

If you have any experience caring for axolotls, then you know that they are very tricky to care for. They require a special form of treatment to ensure that axolotls are well nourished. Giving proper care for axolotls starts during the infancy stage. Read on below to find out how to care for baby axolotls.…

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