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Are Axolotls Amphibians?

Are Axolotls amphibians? Axolotl is an amphibian. It is a native of Mexico's lakes particularly in its water channels. This cute creature needs deep - water lakes including other water bodies (natural or artificial canal) with lots of water plant life. Are Axolotls...

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What is the Best Axolotl Size for Newbie Keepers?

The axolotl is one of the most sought after pets in recent years, many pet owners decide to take in this pet. The axolotl size might be one of the reasons why people are so drawn to own them. This feature is coupled with...

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What You Need to Know about Axolotl Freshwater Pets

A great axolotl freshwater includes maintaining a great water condition. It will greatly concern your axolotl’s health, longevity, as well as his well-being. In creating a new tank, you need to go through cycling to properly process your aquarium. You need to do this...

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Axolotl Life Cycle

We must know about biology and genetics before we fully know the facts of the axolotls’ life cycle. Our species would remain in the larval form into adulthood compared to other amphibians, we often call this adaptation as neoteny. In the next axolotls’ life cycle, it...

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Why Are Axolotls Endangered?

According to recent events, your axolotls are endangered now. The endangered axolotls are still slowly depleting due to predators and natural disasters, as well as humanity. Humans play a huge role in to make the axolotls endangered. We are a big factor in making the...

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Baby Axolotl and Why You Need to Get One!

A baby axolotl, Mexican “walking fish” or the Mexican salamander, is very different from a typical aquatic animal. You might say that a baby axolotl is a fish, however, it is not really a fish at all. It is amphibian in nature and considered to be part of the...

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